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Beyond the two leads, Battle Creek’s cast remains solid. We’ve got Kal Penn as Russ’ fellow detective Fontanelle, Justified alum Damon Herriman as Detective Niblet, rapper Grapevine as the hulking Detective Funkhauser. Aubrey Dollar (Women’s Murder Club), Liza Lapira (Super Fun Night) and Janet McTeer (The Honorable Woman) keep this crew from being too motley, starring respectively as Holly, Jacocks, and Commander Guziewicz. I can’t wait to see all of these characters’ personalities get developed further as the season goes on. 

X-Men: Days of Future Past’s Brian Singer helmed the pilot, and it indeed looks slightly more exciting and upbeat than many shows on CBS’ lineup. Also notable are the episode’s musical cues (from Lior Rosner), as it switches from dramatic to jovial, often in the same scene, to portray the dynamic between Russ and Milt. Assuming the writing and humor keep pace with what we’ve seen here – and considering pilots are usually the weakest episodes, that very well could be – then Battle Creek will likely (and hopefully) find a long-lasting home on CBS.